• Create simple TODO app AngularJS with bootstrap and Spring MVC

    In this postwe will show how to create simple TODO application which consists of two main parts.
    1. AngularJS GUI client
    2. Spring MVC war file as backend for this application

    Firstly, we will consider GUI client build on AndroidJS framework.
    In Front-end we consider two views and two controllers. First view and controller is for manipulating with login logic and second for showing and retrieving data from server (our backend).
    We will use bootstrap framework as our base style, because we want to create responsive design with idea „mobile-first“. Keep in mind that we are not focusing on great design.

  • Test Android native app with Appium – quick tutorial example

    In this post we will show how to create automatic test for native application in Android.
    We will show it in simple test case (only swipe to second fragment in FragmentActivity)

    Tests run thanks to Appium (link)

    1. Download Appium and install it
    2. Open folder that contains installed appium and appium.exe file
    3. Start appium.exe