Colors in shell console

Great examples of colors in console or terminal is described in ASCII-TABLE.COM.
For me, the most usefull were these informations:

Set Graphics Mode:
Calls the graphics functions specified by the following values. These specified functions remain active until the next occurrence of this escape sequence. Graphics mode changes the colors and attributes of text (such as bold and underline) displayed on the screen.
Text attributes
0	All attributes off
1	Bold on
4	Underscore (on monochrome display adapter only)
5	Blink on
7	Reverse video on
8	Concealed on
Foreground colors
30	Black
31	Red
32	Green
33	Yellow
34	Blue
35	Magenta
36	Cyan
37	White
Background colors
40	Black
41	Red
42	Green
43	Yellow
44	Blue
45	Magenta
46	Cyan
47	White